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Monday, June 11, 2012

i didn't know that..

*pagi2 buta overslept tak pergi kelas acc dan sgt serabut*

bagun pukul 5.30 a.m crying like hell sbb hati rasa terlalu berat..i have no intention at all to meghemtam or what..i juzt being honest,try to speak out for my heart as i thought that was a right thing to left or to right things will remain the equal to selfish i guess? try soo hard to fix the broken thing yet its look like i never put some effort there,,still looking dumb lost and miserable.god i need some strength.i never thought that i was the reason why i felt all this shitty feelings.rite now i really don't know what to do,how to act and what are word that i'll say n will not break your heart..but pls note that i can't feel what other people share with me about ur problem or what happening in ur life so that i'll note n will try to make u comfortable..sometimes maybe we got a problems at the same time,n because i don't know about yours n u noe about mine that is when u will see me as a selfish heartless not a mind a normal people who have no magic power at all.sorry if i couldn't be the best fren of urs..i've tried so hard even its hurting me,i don't know what to do.all i can say is only im sorry.i've tried but i couldn't make it.i just need some time to heal my own heart,im sorry.


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