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Sunday, November 13, 2011

11 things about me :)

mya my little sister this is for u :) thanx sbb awak berjaya buat kite tulis entry panjang2 :)

rules :

  • you must post these rules
  • each person must post 11 things about themselves in their blog
  • answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. and create eleven new question for people you tagged to answer
  • you have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post
  • go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/ her
  • no tag backs
11 things about me ^-^ 

  1. i love to cry
  2. oreo cake from secret recipe  is the best
  3. i love my parent n family so much
  4. backstabber is an asshole
  5. shoes n handbag is my favorite
  6. mya merah hati is my soulmate
  7. 7 is my favorite number
  8. izzul haq is my lovely boyfriend
  9. white and red is my color
  10. i love to watch how i met your mother :)
  11. my favorite writer is sophie kinsella
banyak lagi ni mya..nape suh tulis 11 je hahahah -,- (padahal 11 pun dah semput2 nak fikir hahaha)

ok now soklan from my little sister :)

  1. if something terrible happen &you can only help a person who will you help? & why?? *other than family members.
  2. if you were given 4 wishes.what will you wish for
  3. why people should be proud of you
  4. the most bad thing about you,that you realize it well
  5. what kind of things that you very fear off
  6. do you have anything that you really want to have? but till now,you still don't have it
  7. other than malaysia where do you really wanna go for holiday? why?
  8.  what is the most harsh word that you ever use?
  9. how many kids do you wanna have in the future?
  10. who am i to you?
  11. what is the best word to describe me?
mya sayang..soklan tu tak leh nak senang sikit ke..habis la kite nak jawab ni -,-

here are the carefully okyy mya sayang :)

one :)
kite akan selamat kan sesiape sahaja yang ade sebelah kite waktu tu.tak kisah lah kenal ke tak :)

two :)
4 wishes hmm...
  1. getting married with a good man
  2. have a bright future
  3. not losing people that i really love with all my heart~family,friends
  4.  stay healthy n always have a bright smile that can cheer up my love ones.
three :)
takde benda pun yang orang boleh bangga dengan kita..tapi kite boleh jadi pendengar yang baik.

four :)
bad things yang ade kat kita..hmm cepat jealous n kuat nangis

five :)
keadaan yang gelap,semua jenis serangga n keganasan

six :)
benda yang kita nak tapi tak dapat2 lagi banyak sgt2..hmm satu drpdnya new book from sophie kinsella :)

seven :)
mane2 aje tempat yang ade pantai yang sgt cantik..bali..hawai.. miami :)

eight :)
bitch,fuck,damn ass,ass hole -,- im being honest

nine :)
kids?? 3 insyaallah :)

ten :)
my soulmate..forever.

eleven :)
kind-hearted, gentel,and a very positive person :)

done :) yes sekarang nak pilih orang yang bakal di tag :)


here are the questions :) jawab dengan rela ye :)

  1. What are you most grateful for?
  2. What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?
  3. what is your favorite book and favorite writer?
  4. favorite songs n color n why??
  5. 3 names i your massage inbox
  6. who was the last person you went out with?
  7. the color of t shirt you are wearing now
  8. your current mood?
  9. when was the last time u get a present from ur love one?
  10. name or list you ex boyfriend /ex girlfrend
  11. one word to describe me :)

much love,
sofea :)

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